Who’d be an advocate…

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It seems I have written on

Dementia advocacy before

Who’d have known

It’s more pain than joy

It polarises people

Sadly makes it more ‘them and us’

People without dementia everywhere

Wanting large pieces of the proverbial pie

Using people with dementia

To take sides and support their business goals

Or their personal agendas

Being referred to as That woman…

Hurtful and deeply unkind

Talked about behind my back

Worse than yelling in my face

As one aged care executive did to me publicly

So please…

If you won’t say it to my face

Then please

Feel free to hate me

Feel free to disagree with me

But please keep your lips sealed

Stop hurting me

Which also hurts others with dementia

As today

Quite frankly

There is no doubt in my failing and fragile mind

That I have had enough instruction!


15 thoughts on “Who’d be an advocate…

  1. Strong words Kate. You make me wonder what my personal agenda is in being an advocate & if I have any place other than supporting one person living with dementia who sometimes needs an “interpreter”.
    I’ll go fo a walk & think about it.


    • For you my dar friend, I think your personal agenda is probably pure, i that you want to support your beautiful vibrant Veda. Plus, you have worked in a similar sector, and have an incredible amount of knowledge that yo can bring with you, that is incredibly helpful in our collective activism. Stay true to you, stay true to supporting Veda to speak for herself, in whatever way she can, and know that I LOVE YOU both like sisters. xx

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  2. Thank you for your struggles, for yourself and us all, for being inspiration and example. Take things easy some though too, as needed/desired. You have given others roads to follow, and others need pick up own torches some, and light our ways, dissipate our fears, and spread warmth, courage, justice, and clarity into all the corners of this globe! Thank you, Kate, and all advocates and allies. 🙂


  3. Seems wrong to like these words as what is happening to you and how you are being treated by some is very wrong, rude, inappropriate and unforgivable . You have my 100% support and I know many others too. Thank you for teaching us and I’m sending you energy to stay strong. Hugs too, Toni


    • It happens to lots of people, not just me, but especially to those of us who stand up and speak out against what they see as injustices. I simply write about it here, to give the whole story to my experiences of living beyond dementia. thanks for the hugs too xx


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