7 thoughts on “A day of reflection…

  1. I’m giggling thinking of who would assist whom to dress, who’d cook & what (chili anyone? chocolate?), how to get the wine inside the place, the music choices, who’d do the drugs, massages, whose pets would be there & whether there’d be fast speed internet!!!
    V just said “whoah!” xx


  2. Wow. Interesting thing to imagine. I would like to think that those who could would begin helping those who couldn’t. But what a complicated thing to imagine if you look at people who are not mobile and what would they do for food? And incontinence?


    • It sure is Michael… in part, my reason for this reflection was that as the numbers of people with dementia are becoming more active globally, in particular as we work together through DAI, an organisation exclusive to people with dementia, the potential for it to become like the secure unit without support, is high.


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