R.I.P. Susan Suchan

During the night, the world lost an incredible human being and dementia advocate. Personally, I lost a very dear friend, and I have no doubt her family and closer friends will be even more devastated than we are in my house. Susan was one of my heroes, and I will miss her presence in life until the day I die.

My condolences go to her close family and friends. Susan died at home, surrounded by her family telling and showing through their acts of love how much she was loved.  Her Memorial page for online condolences book is here.

Susan was one of the first members of Dementia Alliance International, and for many years, joined the online ‘Richard Support Group’, Often, she was the reason others felt empowered to live more positively in spite of dementia, and inspires me personally to keep fighting for our human rights and for our dignity and inclusion as equals in this world.

Thank you Susan, for being one of the brightest stars I have ever know. The world and especially your family have lost an amazing woman, but your legacy will live on forever. It has been a great privilege and honour to have known you.

21 thoughts on “R.I.P. Susan Suchan

  1. sorry for your loss Kate, thinking of you at this time. ‘your loss is immeasurable but so is the love and inspiration left behind.’ x Ness


  2. Beautiful comments Kate and ones that I echo.
    I will miss my “Susan chats” that were not about our illnesses but about everyday life. It was mostly filled with laughter, some tears and all in between.
    There will be a new star in the night sky, shining brightly, to let us know that, although she may be gone from this earth, she will NEVER be gone from our thoughts and hearts.


  3. Dearest Kate,
    I am so sorry for the family, your own, and the worlds loss for a beautiful woman.
    When we lose those close to us, we continue living, but it is as if we have lost a part of our hearts.
    As you say, she was a shining star, and I’m sure if you look into the sky tonight there will be a brand new star sparkling down on us all.
    May you hold her close and live better for having known her.
    I hope she is at rest and at peace.
    With love my friend.


  4. I’m so so so sorry for your loss Kate and she sounded such an amazing lady-thinking of you and sending lots of love❤️❤️❤️At least her battle is now over and she is at peace-such a cruel disease that robs me and your family’s lives. What type of dementia did she have?take care❤️


    • She died of cancer not her dementia Sam, but she had Primary Progressive Aphasia. Dementia and cancer are not how I will ever define her, nor how I will remember her. It was though, the gift of dementia that I came to know her, so perhaps it is not as cruel as we think.

      The beautiful, loving, generous, kind and perfect woman and friend she had become to me, is how I will always remember.

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