Supporting ADA Singapore

Only recently discovered, when it was sent to me by a friend in London, here is a video of one of my presentations in Singapore last year, when I was working there supporting the Alzheimer’s Disease Association in Singapore, in my ADI SE Asia Mentoring role.

Since then, it’s been truly encouraging to learn it’s empowered others with dementia to speak publicly about what it’s like for them.

8 thoughts on “Supporting ADA Singapore

  1. Brilliant!!! I watched your keynote speech and applaud you, your eloquence and humanity. If only the US were as open minded as the people you are engaged with in Singapore.


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  2. You are an amazing speaker! You give both my husband Bob & I such encouragement to keep on speaking about our journey. We are learning so much from you and DAI about the changes we must encourage and fight for in our community.
    We both had parents with Dementia /Alzheimers and now my husband is living with it. I am his Bub , together we do speaking engagements to as many people as we can. In a small way we hope to carry on as long as possible.
    We live in Kingston, Ontario,Ca.
    Thankful for the internet and all of the connections made possible by DAI.
    One Couples Journey After a Diagnosis of Dementia.
    Laurel & Bob


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