Two ears, one mouth

Living by the “two ears one mouth – applied in that proportion” principle is not always easy!

Sometimes that will mean listening and perhaps not speaking at all, or maybe even not joining in including walking away, if you can only say negative or hurtful things.

It’s our individual responsibility to control how we treat or speak to others; dementia does not make that easy, but it’s not often an excuse.

Lessons in progress…

Resilience can be learned.

Optimism is worth working on.

Kindness is imperative.

Without it, too often you either hurt others, or they don’t want to be with you.

15 thoughts on “Two ears, one mouth

  1. I totally agree that we should aspire to help and not harm especially if we cannot help. But what if our helping leads to somebody who informs on us by doing so causes harm? That is when our help should perhaps stop since in helping others we should tolerate any harm to ourselves. If I ever met the Dalai Lama I would put this to him and see what he has to say. There is no suggestion that the Dalai Lama is not honourable. It is just that I believe that by helping others we should try as far as possible, not to put ourselves in harm’s way because that harm may make us unable to continue helping.


    • Hey Colin, glad to see you here! You might think your comments are not going through, but it’s not automatic as I have to remember to login in and tick a box!!! Ps I met the Dalai Lama. Wish I’d thought to ask him that 🤪⭐️


  2. You are so right, Kate and your most welcome. He is lucky to have me as i am to have him. Maybe its the mild stages to moderate stages where they should be able to control there emotions? Who knows.


  3. Oh this is so appropriate for these insane times when we desperately need calm and kindness and words that heal NOT divide…Here in America anyway. It is extremely difficult being here with so much disrespect and hatred filling the air….I truly thought we were further along with evolving into even more spectacular human beings than we already are, but it seems some would have us do otherwise. Sad. Hope all is well with you and luckily summer approaches for you as the cold and wind settle in for me. Enjoy it for me Kate! Be well and much love to you…VK ❤


    • Dear VK, how lovely to hear from you! I hope you’re feeling better? I’ve decided humans generally speaking are often not that good at being human! Kindness, disrespect and compassion are being forgotten by many. But there are also many wonderful amazing loving people out there too. I suspect not a lot has changed except our access to it all. Once it took 3 months for a letter to arrive by boat! Hugs always xxx


  4. I love this, Kate-agree with most things. However, the one thing i do disagree about though is that if my Grandad gets grumpy or angry at me or speaks to me not respectfully i don’t blame him. Love the quote and analogy though and agree with that.

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    • I’m glad you disagree with me on that… and you’re right. There comes a time for people with dementia when it’s not possible to control their emotions 😪 your granddad is very lucky to have you and thanks for the reminder xxx

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