A huge loss to Psychiatry

A friend and colleague, Dr Peter Gordon tendered his resignation as a medical doctor this week. As a fellow Spartan, I felt very sad, but I also strangely triumphant (for him) about his decision, as the rationale for his resignation is truly noble. To have the honour of knowing another person willing to stand up for what he believes in, is a great privilege.

Outside of the ‘medical system’, Peter may, if he so chooses, be able to bring about the much needed change, as he can be an even louder activist. Whilst a loss to his patients, this choice, in my opinion, is courageous. Sometimes, being constrained by a Registrar, or an organisation, means you have to be less than honest about your thoughts and opinions.

Otherwise what happens too frequently, as he, and many of us have found out, you will be asked to leave, bullied, or if a health care professional, even risk losing your license to practice.

5 thoughts on “A huge loss to Psychiatry

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  2. Thank you Kate. Little Sparta may find more light since I have resigned from the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Sadly though, none of the Royal Colleges seem to want to support Sunshine legislation.

    aye Peter x


  3. Good for him….I am sorry we live in this world that forces such unfair decisions upon people through outside force and pressure, to deny who they are in order to be successful. He chose not to go down that road and redeem his good name and honor…Bravo to him to stand up to the hierarchy trying to take over the world. He is a brave soldier fighting for the cause of the light and what is right! 🙂 Hugs to you…VK ❤


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