Big Issue’s Big Lunch

I’m struggling to remember when this started, but today is another TBI Big Lunch, being held at the Adelaide Central Markets.

It’s a remarkable day and brilliant fundraising event, specifically held to support the homeless community living in South Australia, who are also selling The Big Issue.

I used to be a regular volunteer, and spent some time convincing others on the fundraising committee it would be a success.

To be really honest, I’m very proud I was the person who started this event, including convincing the rest of the committee it was possible.

As with all successes, together we are stronger. And sometimes, we just have to believe…

4 thoughts on “Big Issue’s Big Lunch

  1. Well done Kate on a great initiative like you said often others need to be convinced to give something a go never know if anything will succeed unless you try. Hope all is ok with you? 😘Ness


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