A cloud of unspeakable sadness

Unlike anything you’ve felt before

Interrupting your daily life

Like a punching bag

Full of unexpected blows

Searingly painful

Seemingly unending

A life gone

Your life as you know it

Now gone forever

The person gone

No others want to speak of them again

For fear of seeing your grief

How to find the candle

Of the never-ending tunnel of darkness

That seems the only ending

If you are the one who is grieving

Only you will find your way

Kate Swaffer ©️ 2019

19 thoughts on “Grief

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  3. Poetry distills life to its essence. You have done so many times before but you do so especially well in this poem. We are coming up on four years that my dear Gregory left and I miss him more than ever. I continue to grow and change and expand while he does not so it seems to get easier but in reality, it never will. Love you dear Kate!


  4. I was listening to Peter Allen – a song (somehow a gift from you, Kate), about the woman and her song. Just know that we are all there with you- “helping you along . . .”
    You are an inspiration, always, to me Kate. Your presence is tangible, so close, though far away. . . Thank you.


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