It is time to embrace what we are given, and build a life around it, without fighting against whatever is thrown our way.

Build a positive life out of whatever disparate things you are offered.

Open your heart and you will thrive.

Smell the flowers, walk on the beach or in the park.

Spend time (yes, even if it is online) with each other and your kids.

If you don’t like what’s on offer today, you can choose to start afresh in the morning.

Together, or alone… we are all closer than we know. So let’s love more, and laugh often.

We can all find happiness in the ordinary things we encounter each and every day.

That’s because they are the most extraordinary things.

Kate Swaffer © 2020

8 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. I think certain police forces here in the UK need to follow your advice. Here are some of things they have been doing to enforce lockdown….using drones to spot solitary dog walkers on country lanes and telling them they are contravening lockdown ‘ rules ‘…..pouring dye into a blue lagoon in order to turn it partly black hoping to deter sightseers….telling a shop keeper to stop selling Easter eggs because they were ‘non essential’ items. Maybe these officers of the law need to ‘ open their hearts ‘ and ‘ smell the flowers ‘

    Warm regards

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well said Kate. Barbara is struggling with the lockdown. Due to alz she finds it difficult to comprehend.
    Thank you


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