Capturing moments through blogging

Blogging helps me to capture moments and memories, and has become my personal history file, by way of words and stories embodying feelings and emotions. Blogging to capture my memories and thoughts has now become a significant tool in managing my response to dementia, and something I try to do often.

Speaking out through blogging, as a person with dementia, is also my way of striving to break down the barriers and stigma around dementia.

My blog has become the journal of my life, my thoughts and my activities. Other social media like facebook and twitter has become important too, as they offer other social connections and ways to connect in the world. All of them also have photographs, of people and events and activities, offering me yet another way to recall my world.

On the days I can’t remember a face when speaking on the phone, I go to one of these sites, as most people are now there with a photograph of themselves. Phones now have the ability to add profile pictures too, which is also helpful.

Many of mabilities are permanently damaged and my photographic memory is dead and buried. I read then I forget… I read then I forget… I read, I take notes, and then I forget… I blog, and it is always there.

Computers and blogging have become my best friends as they constantly command my attention, edit for me, and perhaps more importantly push my brain to work hard every time I connect with them.

Dementia can represent the end of dreaming, a long and unforgiving one way odyssey into obscurity, clouded in a thick and unforgiving fog.

For me, blogging has helped bring back the dreaming.

It inspires me to write more, creating a repertoire of my memories and personal history files, ensuring I leave some sort of record or legacy for my children to recall who I was and what I thought about. I feel humbled every time I receive feedback about something someone has read… something that also had meaning for them, or helped change their world in some small way.

Blogging encourages me to keep going, and empowers me to rise above dementia and stay inspired and alive and I am certain it helps with neuroplasticity and creates new pathways for my brain to continue functioning. If you want to have a voice, but can’t find a forum, maybe you too should think about setting up a ablog.

Footnote: this is a slightly edited version of a blog I wrote about 9 years ago.

6 thoughts on “Capturing moments through blogging

  1. Kate thank you so much for your blogging. I am faith community nurse and have some personal experience of dementia through my mother in law, and also some professional through my various nursing roles. I have
    been following your blog for several years and have referred others to it if they are wanting to learn more about dementia. It is invaluable for me to be able to learn from you a little of what life is like for you. God bless you and thank you.

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  2. Such lovely sentiments Kate. I am glad you have this and I am grateful you write regularly.

    I’m not sure how/when I stumbled across your blog. I know it wasn’t more than weeks ago. I am very happy that I have, and very grateful to you for opening up a whole new “Alzheimer’s” world to me. I can’t believe it has taken over 5 years of studying Alzheimer’s and living with my Mum’s Alzheimer’s to discover there is a better way to LIVE with Alzheimer’s❣️

    I intend to figure out how to access your blog and not just these new blogs now that I am your “follower”. A lot of technology is new to me. I have not “worked” (in a career) for many years so I was not using these mediums often. I’m not even that avid with a cell phone. I have had my own struggles.

    Now that I am “awake” once again and discovering Alzheimer’s risk factors and ways to avoid it, I think that might change. Certainly this new pandemic has introduced me to new ways of engaging myself without ever leaving home, ha!

    I am very interested in your dementia journey Kate. I think it will teach me much and I look forward to learning more about your climb to the mountain top🥰


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