It’s logical…

It’s no different for people with dementia.

Except the effort has not been put into understanding the similarities.

If people with dementia are to be blamed for their normal human responses, then it’s time everyone else is too.

BPSC-19 has basically proven people with dementia are not much different to anyone else when faced with unwanted change.


4 thoughts on “It’s logical…

  1. The double standard application! When it is the larger majority showing the BPS immediately it is taken with empathy and understanding that it is a distress behaviour, and not ‘challenging’ behaviours. I am going to bring this up in my upcoming WAM webinar on Sept 19, Saturday, entitled “Me, Dementia and Stigma”. Thanks Kate for the timely article.


  2. This is exactly it.
    A lot of the time behaviour is a communication, some fail to see this connection.
    If you just think about reasons for a behaviour you learn to listen differently. x


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