15 thoughts on “Pro Bono Impact 25 Awards

  1. Many thanks Kate for alerting us all to your nomination and I’ve certainly added to my vote. Your enduring work and words of truth and wisdom from a person living with dementia resonate with not only people here in Australia. but around the world. We as a community are extremely proud of your achievements


  2. Best wishes Kate, you are an inspiration to everyone, not just people diagnosed with Dementia. You are one of the most amazing, most courageous, most humble, and altogether determined and dedicated, of all the people on this planet.Your legacy will live on long after you and I are both no longer a part of this Great Earth Adventure.


  3. I am not surprised that you are nominated and I have placed my vote for you!
    I want you to know that you have made a very positive difference in my life. I live in Canada and stumbled to your blog one day not that many months ago. I follow you and I have read all your posts. I think you are a special lady and I know that you make the worldwide dementia community better. When my Mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2015, both her and I accepted that she would die and the time between then and now would not be pleasant. I did not know about “living with dementia” until after my Mum’s death, when I found your blog. I am delighted to know that there is life after a dementia diagnosis. I share your message wherever I can and I tell others that dementia is not a “miserable walk to death” as I once thought it was. I talk about the lady in Australia who “lives with dementia” quite successfully and has done this for many years. You are an inspiration for me and for many others I am sure. I also tell people that the United Nations has recognized dementia as a “disability” and so have I! Those living with dementia are no longer able to do what they used to do. They should not be segregated in a separate place. They should be encouraged to live with all the benefits afforded to people with disabilities! And on and on. Thank you for these lessons. Please do not ever feel what you do is not making a difference. I am but one example of someone who knows better today because of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have hope today!


    • Dear Debra, thank you so much for your beautiful, heartfelt words. Thank you also from the bottom of my heart, as knowing I’ve been a positive influence for you, even though your dear Mum is no longer with you, brings me joy. It is a very tough experience, with so many lessons for us all! Much love and sending lots of virtual hugs too xx


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