Journalist lives in nursing home for 2 weeks

Thanks to HelloCare for highlighting this video. The experience of ageing in Singapore is of course, not unique to them; all countries have increasing ageing populations.

From YouTube: Anita Kapoor, television presenter and host, attempts a 2-week long stay in a local nursing home. Immersing herself in a place most would hardly call home, her stay tugs deeply at the heart of what it is like for some to grow old in Singapore. The social documentary stands to raise many questions about the need to carefully consider how we want to care for our rapidly ageing society. Visit to find out more.

In the HelloCare article about it, they said:

When asked why The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home was involved with the film project, Mdm Low Mui Lang, Executive Director, said:

“We are always striving to serve our residents better. This documentary project allows us to have another perspective of the nursing home experience from the eyes of a ‘user’. Although Anita is not a typical nursing home resident with dementia, some of her observations from her stay underscore the complex questions we face in nursing homes today. Like, certain support aids have to be used in order to protect the resident’s wellbeing, and it’s always a delicate balance between the need for safety and the downsides of over-protection.”

After attending a focus group yesterday in part about whether reporting of abuse and neglect should be mandatory, I am sure we need this transparency in Australia too!

5 thoughts on “Journalist lives in nursing home for 2 weeks

  1. I think the journalist Anita did a wonderful job of her 2 week journey into daily nursing home
    life. By temporarily becoming a resident, she highlighted some really important areas and inadequacies. Loneliness, boredom, inedible meals, regimented routines, undignified “hosing down” (showering) and the “straight jacket” and mittens worn for bed reflected common themes not just in Singapore but in nursing homes worldwide. I believe this video would make good compulsory viewing for our Minister for Aged Care, our Prime Minister, Minister for Health, all aged care nurses, doctors and anybody who works in the field or for those studying qualifications to work in the sector.
    Also good for families of loved ones in aged care ( or trying to make decisions around whether or not to place a loved one in an aged care facility) to watch.
    Highly recommend and thanks for sharing this Kate.


      • I agree with you Kate on that one, certainly as she is a journalist and the staff and facilities were being filmed, it’s inevitable the full picture “behind the scenes” was not exactly as we saw. It’s a great starting point though and I’d love to see much more of this.


  2. Hello Care STOLE my content verbatim from my blog on at least two separate occasions years ago. When I showed them the evidence, they said they would “investigate.” #theftistheft #goodbyehellocareforever Just saying Kate.


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