Awesome idea?

Yesterday I received a Daily Digest from WordPress about Kick Off 2012 with Project 365 (which should be Project 366 as that is how many days are in 2012!) which obviously means to blog something every day. I decided to see if I had been keeping up with the goal I made on 2nd September 2011 to blog daily, and realised I have written 134 blogs in 119 days, so feel happy I’m keeping up. Reading some of the responses to the project on the Kick Off 2012 project site, there are lots of doubters that anyone has anything worthwhile to say every day. I responded to two of them suggesting the opposite, and also suggesting everyone should write, create, draw, paint, or talk about their life on a regular basis.

Leading on from this, I thought before the end of this year, I might just set up a new blog to do exactly that, and then dare you all to make one of your own New Year resolutions to create something about your life and add it to this Creating for our lives 2012 blog. I’m not sure how yet, but thought I must somehow be able to make it private to users only as that might inspire you to contribute on a daily basis??? What an interesting journal of global lives, which could become something we might want publish after 366 days???

Well, I think this is an awesome idea! Let me know what you think!  No doubt we’d need to set up some boundaries and guidelines, but based on the notion no limits to our thinking, I’m sure we could do it. And on the word awesome, I also have an awesome husband, awesome family and friends, awesome new online friends, awesome children, awesome fun blogging, awesome feedback, awesome working life, awesome travel dreams, awesome advocacy role, awesome activist goals, awesome dreams, awesome life, awesome world, and an entirely awesome amount of things left to think and write about before I die.

12 thoughts on “Awesome idea?

  1. I’m in France too (the tip of Brittany) so you now have two reasons to come here!
    I like your idea and would like to be kept up to date with developments and ideas please. I have started my own Project 365 on, but I also have two other blogs, one fairly personal, one on all the things I create.
    Happy New Year!


  2. Hi Kate,
    Thank you so much for your response. I think I chided myself more than you did about WordPress’s Project 365 but your response on my blog made me think about a lot of things and I thank you for that. I was interested to see that you had been to France. It is a wonderful country with so much to see so I hope you will have the opportunity to come back.
    Best wishes,


    • The UK and Austria in March 2012, NZ in May then France again the next year (hopefully!) or maybe even later in 2012 for a couple of weeks. Perhaps we could ‘meet’ if you’re still there!


  3. Hi Kate,
    You kindly left a comment on my blog. I was one of the doubters about the WordPress Project 365. I probably expressed myself too harshly in my comment on their idea but I was annoyed with them for encouraging people to blog daily unless they have something to say. You certainly fall into the category of having something to say and I salute you for your positive frame of mind in the face of your difficulties and for your efforts to help others suffering in the same way.

    You were born the year after me so it really brings it home to me that we have to live constructively before other things intervene. Anyway, thank you for gently chiding me for my bad-tempered outburst. I still do largely believe what I said but I could have put it less abrasively.

    I wish you the best of luck in getting the project you outline in this post off the ground.

    Best wishes,


    • Hi Vanessa,

      Thank you for your very prompt response, and I apologise if you felt chided by me, as that was not my intention.
      Don’t ever worry about saying what you believe, even if it offends some (well, not too harshly please), as making others think in different ways is a good thing. By the way, I largely believe what you said, just thought my daily blog might inspire you to look at a bog that is meant to inspire others, as well as break down the myths and stigma about dementia.

      A lot of what I read on blogs really belongs on Facebook or Twitter (in my opinion), but maybe I’m just too serious about my blogging, or worse than that, too vain about my own goal to be a ‘serious’ communicator??!! I had a mini temper tantrum via email and Facebook today, and for a change it had a very positive response!

      I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the beautiful photos… keep it up. My husband and I were in France last year, so could have done with some of your insights!

      Best wishes,


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