Noble Silence and Project 366

My eldest son and I have had to defer our Vipissana Meditation Retreat and its 10 days of Noble Silence due to a few personal things of mine getting in the way, as well as me feeling pressured for time to prepare for a few events, so we have rescheduled it for April.  I had already realised being off the air for 10 days means I need to post an extra 10 Daily blogs and 10 Project 366 Conversations before we go, or get my husband to post them for me each day I am away! Otherwise, how will I have kept up with my two challenges?! As we were meant to be heading off into silence this coming weekend, I have already started writing them, and have been trying to write for the blog about what it might be like not talking each day.  In trying to do this, I have realised I really have no idea what it will be like, so have started trialling Noble Silence for short periods, so far on my own, but in that time not having any music, television, reading, telephone or online time.  Starting soon I am going to trial it for a short period when others are home, so this will include not talking to them. The silence is not yet deafening, but I wonder when or if it will be. Challenging myself has always come easily, but keeping up with my challenges has not always been that way, so I decided I needed to prepare in some small way for the 10 days of silence. The discipline of keeping up with the blogging challenges has become relatively easy, although the time required is rather more than I had first thought! For me, right now, it feels like these are the right things to be pushing myself to do, as it is making my brain cells work hard every day. My dream is that I am following Norman Doidge’s scientifically proven discovery that the human brain can change itself (The Brain That Changes Itself, 2007), as I have a lot more life to live, and love to give.

ps My Project 366 blogs on my Conversations Page have started getting interesting, as more people are coming in for a cup of tea! Thanks for joining.

7 thoughts on “Noble Silence and Project 366

  1. you will do fine my dear kate, but no reading that would be my downfall. i will try n help you practice in feb with us no talking etc, yeah right haha, love you


  2. No radio, television, music, not talking… not difficult in the least, that’s how I live all the time. No online time? Impossible. Or at least a real hardship. A complete feeling of disconnectedness.


  3. Ahhh to relieve oneself of the clatter n clutter. Silence is golden, as the old aphorism goes, has never been truer than today. Silence has become oh so precious. I can only imagine the incredible catharsis that would come from such an experience. The healing, the focus, the return to the heart, the big body sigh. Oh yesss … give me ten.


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