Queen Victoria, love and blogging!

In all honesty, I have no idea what to blog about (6:45am). My brain is blank today, like a white page, no lines, no squiggles, no pictures, no dashes or dots, nothing much at all at least for now. Because of this, I thought I’d just start free-writing, like the NaNoWriMo writing experience, where it didn’t matter if there was nothing on the appetiser or entrée plate, as eventually the process of writing would take over and thoughts and ideas would appear, seemingly out of nowhere to make up the main course. I could go back to some of my writings from then, but feel like that would be cheating today (even though I have done this before!). If I could find the file with various blogs drafts already in progress I could complete something from there, but just can’t find it today! My dear husband is out walking the streets of London, looking for the best route to the Cadogan Hall where we are attending a concert tonight with the London Philharmonic Orchestra playing Brahms, Academic Festival Overture for Large Orchestra, Op. 80, Rachmaninov Piano Concerto no. 3 in D minor, Op. 30 and Tchaikovsky Symphony no. 1 in G minor “Winter Daydreams”, Op. 13 (I have copied this from our itinerary). Each morning of our trip (other than the conference days) DH has gone walking early, partly to keep fit, but also to be the living GPS as getting lost is very challenging for me, and happens easily. What a star, always working away in the background helping to smooth our way.  He has walked in now and informed me the Cadogan Hall is about 10-15 minutes walk, so getting there  tonight will be easy. For now, my writing is becoming my purpose, next to my advocacy and activism for aged and dementia care. Blogging is one of my ways of expressing my journey on the dementia train, as well as a way to free myself of emotional burdens and stress. It is occasionally quite cathartic writing down how one feels, especially when what is happening is difficult to come to grips with. Writing gives me clarity of thought, and clarity of action, and greater meaning. It tells stories about me that some are interested in enough to read, some even comment on. My children are learning things about me even I didn’t realise I knew about myself, as until I started writing about them, I had not actively or consciously thought about them…

We are now back from our day out (3:15pm), and I’m still free-writing, as my brain is not much better than this morning, and I’m also tired.  Having been to the other side of London to visit St Paul’s Cathedral where I also attended a service, we then went back to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum as for me it became a must see this morning when we passed it on the tour bus.  Stupidly, I had thought there would be something about them there, but no, just a lot of other interesting stuff. I had denied my DH a visit to the Tower of London just to get back there! Anyway, I absolutely adore Victoria and Albert’s love story, more so than the actual history about them, which I can’t remember anyway these days. Even though I’m not into romance books or soapies, I do love a good love story, especially a true one. On the bus during our travels today, I started writing about Victoria and Albert, and the movie Victoria always reminds me of a young friend and fellow blogger Eliza who is easily as beautiful as the actress who played Queen Victoria in the movie, and I expect, will be quite influential in her own way. Her blog is deeply honest and I love her writing; she shares of her heart and soul with abandon, inspiring others to think more deeply. Victoria and Albert’s story seems to be one of unrequited love, and she is my only heroine. The movie implies she was not loved unconditionally as a child, yet she appears to have loved Albert with the fullness of her heart, faithfully, unconditionally, romantically, and for all time. Something to aspire to I think. And on the topic of todays rambling blog, there is not much I can think to say other than thanks for putting up with it!!

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