Thoughts on blogging

After re-reading and spending time thinking about many of the comments made in response to many of my blogs, I have been thinking a lot about blogging, and what the point of it is. It is a way to express, to create, to educate, to inform, and to heal. It is free. It is up to you if you choose to read it. It is a forum for reason and thinking. It is my way of recalling my world. It opens doors to the global online world, interesting, insightful, evocative and meaningful, not always, but often. The recording of my world is merely that. If it also informs and educates others about issues or thoughts, and mine informs others of the dementia journey, that is a major bonus of blogging. I have been told many times now my blog helps others to understand their own loved ones who have experienced dementia, and also helps those who are living with it. It is not meant to upset or offend anyone, and the expression of the more distressing parts of the dementia train ride is done not only for my own healing but has evolved into a dialogue that enables my loved ones to understand that inner part of my world. With understanding, they tell me, they can more easily support me. This understanding and knowledge also helps them not to take personal offence when I have a dementia meltdown or some other CRAP attack takes place. The responses I have received are varying shades of provocative, sensitive, thoughtful, supportive, occasionally offensive or hurtful, funny and interesting, but they always make me think more deeply, and love more often. The hurtful or offensive ones are probably not intended to be that way, and offense if not taken, although occasionally it is hard to let go of the hurt, and remember it is only my reaction to someone else’s words, rather than what has been said. Bloggers, just like others, have feelings and are sensitive and easily hurt. Blogging eventually brings the blogger an audience, and with that comes the responses, good and bad, and so the blogger has to toughen up. Either that, or stop blogging. Joining the world of blogging is more fun than I had ever imagined, and inspires me to keep writing.

The following is from the link below for the website mindshare, which was sent to me as I was typing the words above… if you live in Adelaide, you might even be interested in attending the event.

“Just what is blogging?

In this new world of technology and the internet ordinary individuals are allowed the space to speak up – on-line in cyber space.  With seemingly one of the hardest  parts of being a blogger – capturing people’s interest and attention in the constantly busy world of the world wide web.

Is blogging something you would be interested in doing?  Does anyone actually read what you write or are you just sending things off into the electronic cyber sphere for your own amusement?  …  As a writer should you bother to blog or not?

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