I have no idea why, but this blog, posted TODAY, appears as if it was posted on 1 January 2012. Perhaps it too has dementia?

… I just don’t get them! A blog follower who signed up to my blog last year has them. Almost all of the staff at the nail salon I go to have them, except the owner of the salon who is like me, and is most definitely not into them! We talked about it at length last Christmas as I had my toenails painted Christmas red. Some of the other clients there are tattoo fans too, and virtually everyone else there that day knew the names of the various tattoo artists in Adelaide, as well as some interstate and international tattoo artists. I felt seriously alone in my lack of desire to have one, yet happy with my own decision not to inflict pain or permanent ink markings on myself. I do not understand the addiction to the process of tattooing, causing pain, which they so lovingly and longingly talked…

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