Medication and dementia

Well, it has come to this… I can no longer manage my medications. Even passing over the control of the scripts to my pharmacist and doctor last week is not enough as this does not prevent me taking the wrong time or days tablets at home, or taking tomorrows as well as today’s tablets, today. More frustration, more tears, but enough reality to understand the time has come (too much actually!) to hand it over. I’ve been struggling with managing them for ages, but too proud (or stubborn?) to ask for help, and last night after taking today’s tablets again, I have to concede defeat. So along with driving, shopping, banking, and many others things where I either need assistance or simply cannot do them safely or competently anymore, I now have to let someone else take over my medications. My BUB is holding me as well as helping me, and I hope by accepting the symptoms of dementia without too much of a struggle, I can make his load a little easier. Reading blogs of the struggles and suffering of people caring for a loved one with dementia who can’t accept their diagnosis or who fight against being helped every step of the way gives me the courage to try to accept these less than welcome changes more easily, at least for now. It is none the less very confusing as I can still manage to achieve so many positive and meaningful things. Frustrated, but trying to stayed focussed on what assets I still have, not what new deficits keep showing their ugly faces! Concerned.

9 thoughts on “Medication and dementia

  1. “It is none the less very confusing as I can still manage to achieve so many positive and meaningful things.”

    I think that that’s the key. Maybe, by letting go of some of the things that had become struggles, you’ll have more inner resources to devote to the things that matter most to you.

    Of course it’s still alright to be upset about it. But hopefully it will also be something of a relief…

    Thinking about you. Thank you for sharing your experiences so honestly… My thoughts are with you.
    Jennie Lynn


  2. My heart goes out to you Kate dear. You try so hard and I can’t imagine the feeling of having to acknowledge another area where you have to relinquish control. Your story is humbling for those of us who bleat about problems that are trivial in comparison.


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