I’m with Socrates on this, as it seems to me that real knowledge is about knowing that you don’t really know anything. I do a lot of thinking about my thinking, and am constantly delving into the recesses of my mind to try to explain why I do things, or think a certain way. It can be highly confronting, and intense, but I find it very worthwhile.  It is a habit I have developed over the last almost 30 years, and one that has not only helped me to change bad habits it has encouraged personal growth beyond my wildest dreams. Since blogging, I have been openly sharing my thoughts, not just the narrative about my ride on the dementia train, but at times my ideas about new things like my term yesterday. Blogging so openly has its hurdles as like a newspaper, any reader is able to respond, like a Letter to the editor, and not everyone agrees with my ideas, which is exactly as it should be.

4 thoughts on “Socrates

  1. Your mind is brilliant, and will always be that way.
    Of course it’s changing, however there remains great value in it’s thoughts and processing, and the vast majority of us still want to hear your ideas and commentary. Don’t stop !! Xxxx


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