Todays blog is just a picture, to give my global friends who have not yet been to visit Australia an idea of how big it is! We don’t generally ride kangaroos to school or have them running around in the city street, except in our capital city Canberra, where the city is set amongst a lot of natural bush settings. The Koala is a national icon, but has just been listed as a threatened species in some states, due mostly to urbanisation.

6 thoughts on “Australia

  1. Wow, this is very fascinating, Kate-and what an amazing picture-you have summarised it perfectly. Australia is so much(about 5 times)bigger than New Zealand. I didn’t even know that Melbourne and Sydney and Sydney to Adelaide were that close-i thought they were further away. I also thought Brisbane and Cairns were quite close, but obviously they are not. I also thought Darwin and Perth were close, and Perth and Adelaide were close, but yet again, obviously not. Opposite day for me today! I am sure Australians probably get muddled about how far each town is from New Zealand-it is quite puzzling at first! My favourite part of Australia is Gold Coast-i love Gold coast. Gold Coast i remember well, although i remember Brisbane well too-went there for a few hours to see a relative last year with family. I have been to Melbourne and Port Douglas but don’t remember them as i was young when i went there. I’ll probably only go to Gold Coast when i get older though…and of course Adelaide too-haven’t been there yet.


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