Another D-day!!

Life is not what it used to be, and this evolving world with Mister Larry Dementia (the third of The Three Stooges) is taking its toll!!! I went to a Consumers Alliance SA forum this morning, but only lasted to lunch time, about 3 hours and then came home to rest. So far I’ve not been able to rev up the little grey cells, and only after being chided by my dear husband have I written this blog. He said he just couldn’t bear the bagging I’d give myself for the next week if I missed a day of blogging!!


9 thoughts on “Another D-day!!

  1. I LOVE your picture !!!! Unfortunately I know what it’s like to live with fatigue – mental and physical – and that picture is just great 🙂

    You went to the forum in the morning so you’re allowed to feel exhausted when you come back.

    One day can you tell us what all these forums are about that you go to? What do they discuss? And if you contribute, what do you say? Thanks


    • Yes, the fatigue factor is here to stay it seems, thinking for too long now brings it on in a big way, and then the additional factors like noise and crowds are making it more noticable too. The forum yesterday was run by Health Consumers Alliance SA – for consumers and people working in health, although mostly it was people working in health. The Planetree organisation was discussed at length and how the SA Health was going to implement it into their hospitals. Much like the Dignity in Dementia Care program being implemented at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital by the wonderul Dr Faizel Ibrahim. I’ll try and write something up about it soon, although think it was really a ‘PR’ day rather than anything positive at the grass roots level coming from it!! Probably more political rather than about real change??? I was just a participant, not a contibutor at this one, whereas last week I presented at the National Dementia Research Forum about the challenges of living with YOD.


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