Letter to self

Dear Kate,

This letter is being written to you to help you take stock of yourself, to help you remember YOUR glass is half full!!!

Just because you have been diagnosed with dementia, and are finding it harder to paddle to get anywhere, this is no reason to give up.

Sometimes you might have to paddle in circles, but as long as you don’t do it too fast, you won’t get dizzy. As your very dear friends Jacinta and Craig would laughingly (and lovingly) say, “Toughen up Princess“!!

Your husband and children would not believe you are a quitter, so why be one?

Your parents did not raise someone who would give up when the going got tough, so why give up?

So now maybe you need to be reminded of your many Blessings?? I seriously recommend you spend some time this weekend listing and counting them!!

So girl, move on from your frustration about the changes that seem to be taking place, and get a grip of the greatness of your life and your friends!!

With love and hope,


12 thoughts on “Letter to self

  1. Kate – if you find that you are padding in circles, it just means that you have to think of a different way to get the boat going …… so if paddling won’t work, why not get yourself a motor? Or else hire yourself a rower to do the paddling for you?

    Know what I mean? Just because you’ve always gotten on the boat and paddled yourself, doesn’t mean that you have to do that each and every time. There are different ways of doing everything, and we with dementia just have to remember that and choose the way that fits in with how we’re feeling that day.

    eg. i have no energy to sit on my desktop – well, I sit at the desktop but not for long each day. Does it stop me getting on the internet? No! I just went and got a laptop so I can usse a laptop while I’m on the lounge. So I just changed the way I did something to suit my new situation.

    Plus “healthy” people do this all the time too – just for different reasons – for time, for money, for convenience ……. we do it for health. So don’t feel you are so different, OK?

    Hope you’re having a good weekend 🙂


  2. Hiya my lovely, you are forever insightful, whether applied to others or, as now, to self. No harm in a little wallow every now and again. Your broad shoulders for the most part carry the load. I heard this saying about someone once- ‘she needs to stand in a room full of mirrors for a week’- and have remembered it as a note to self more than once!!! Only good can come from thinking it. Keep doing all the things you are doing, we all think you are wonderful, vibrant and positive, and a fabulous friend to boot. And I have 2 paddles, happy to paddle with you xxxx


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