Dementia can be reversed naturally

I have no idea what to think of this yet, but a wonderful friend who writes on One World Rising led me to this site today, and as I already use many holistic and naturopathic remedies to help manage the symptoms of dementia, and have healed other diseases with similar treatments, I believe it is worth following up. Perhaps some of the ‘facts’ about dementia may be a little incorrect or misleading, but keeping my ears and mind open to others’ beliefs and ideas has always paid off.

Being sceptical is healthy, and often the greatest sceptic ends up being the biggest convert to a new idea… Make of it what you will, but I am reblogging it in full from the Philosophers stone.

Dementia can be reversed naturally

Dr Joel Wallach’s treatment for the dementia syndrome

by David Collins

“What is Dementia ? In this brief report we are going to discuss the different types of dementia, the causes of dementia as postulated by naturopathic physician Dr Joel Wallach, and a treatment protocol to reverse dementia symptoms based upon the nutritional therapies developed by Dr Wallach.  Dr Wallach is a practicing physician, an author and the founder of Youngevity, a company selling mineral and vitamin supplements, nutriceuticals and aromatherapy products.

Dementia is defined as a collection of symptoms which may include memory loss, impaired judgement, loss of communications skills, inappropriate behavior or disorientation with regard to time or space.  The allopathic medical community says that some cases of dementia may be treatable but only a few can be reversed.  Conventional allopathic medicine views the majority of dementia cases as being progressive and irreversible.

What are the different types of Dementia? Dr. Wallach says there are four major types of dementia, (1) vascular dementia, (2) Korsakoff’s syndrome, (3) Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome and (4) Alzheimer’s disease.

What makes the work of Dr. Wallach unique is his assertion that Alzheimers disease is a physician caused disease, that all other dementias are caused by mineral deficiencies and that dementia is reversable.  

Wallach says that Alzheimers did not exist in the medical literature forty years ago. He states that the first reference to Alzheimers in the medical literature was in 1979 and now it is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States behind heart disease, cancer and diabetes.   Wallach blames the epidemic in the increase of Alzheimers on the physician practice of prescribing statin drugs to lower cholesterol and the physician practice of coaxing patients to go on low cholesterol diets. He says that physicians should be held criminally negligent for their advice to patients to lower their cholesterol because cholesterol is an essential nutrient to the body. Wallach has offered one million dollars ($1,000,000) to anyone who can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that cholesterol causes heart disease or any other disease.  So far no medical professional has come forward to claim the reward.

“Cholesterol should really be an essential nutrient, like Calcium, and Vitamin A and Vitamin C, Zinc.”  – Dr. Joel Wallach

Wallach says that seventy five percent of brain weight is a substance called myelin.  Myelin is one hundred percent cholesterol. Someone who is on cholesterol lowering statin pharmaceutical drugs and on a low cholesterol diet will, over time, starve their body of cholesterol.  In this condition the body has only one place to get cholesterol and that is from the brain. This draining of cholesterol from the brain is what causes Alzheimers disease, according to Dr Wallach.

The other types of dementia, vascular dementia, Korsakoff’s syndrome and Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome are mineral deficiency diseases according to the research and clinical work of Dr. Wallach.  Dr Wallach also considers Parkinsons Disease and some other neurological conditions to be mineral deficiency diseases and treatable.

Dr Wallach’s protocol for reversing Dementia Some patients with dementia can express symptoms of two or more of the different types of dementia so Dr  Wallach proposes to treat all dementia patients the same way.

Dr Wallach treats dementia as he treats all diseases, with megadoses of mineral and vitamin nutrients.  He claims, with lots of case studies to back him up, that treating disease with one hundred or one thousand or thirty thousand times the minimum daily requirement of a nutrient can reverse a disease, sometimes in a short period of time.

The suggested dietary changes and suggestions for nutrient supplementation for dementia goes something like this:  (A discussion of the dietary protocol for treating and reversing other medical conditions can be found in chapter 14 of Dr Wallach’s book “God Bless America ” and in his other books including  “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”) .

(a) Dietary changes are highlighted by the phrase “get rid of the bad stuff”.  This means no fried foods and no oils (no olive oil, no margarine, no mayonnaise), no processed meats containing nitrates or nitrites, no canned meats packed in oil. Canned meats packed in mustard, tomato sauce or water are acceptable.

(b) Adopt a gluten free diet.  No wheat, barley, rye or oats.  All neurological conditions must be treated with a gluten free diet. Nutrients cannot be absorbed properly if the patient is gluten intolerant.

(c) Six to ten (or more) eggs a day depending on the weight of the patient.  Eggs help to replace the myelin in the brain.  To prevent dementia Dr. Wallach recommends that you eat two eggs a day, soft boiled, poached or soft scrambled in butter, but not fried.

(d) Drink eight to ten glasses of water a day.  Get off of carbonated drinks.  Do not drink liquids 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after a meal.

(e) Salt your food to taste.

(f) Reduce or eliminate sugar from the diet

(g) Supplement with the 90 essential nutrients from Youngevity.

(h) Supplement with at least 2,000 international units of Vitamin E and 500 mcg of Selenium.

Conclusion We have only offered here a brief discussion of the dementia syndrome and a guideline for medical treatment suggested by Naturopathic Physician Dr Joel Wallach. You are encouraged to do your own research on this and other health topics.

References God Bless America by Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND and Dr. Ma Lan, MD, MS, LAc Genesis Comminications Network ( (Wellness publications-books and CDs offered by Dr Wallach)

Disclaimer This report is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition or illness.  The author is not a medical professional and the information presented herein is presented for informational purposes only.  Please consult your personal physician or a medical professional before embarking on any change in diet or before embarking on any changes in your current medical treatment.

About the author David Collins is a researcher and freelance journalist living in central Illinois.  He graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 1971 with a BS in Education, studying history, political science and economics.  David is also a Youngevity associate. David is a veteran Kennedy assassination researcher.  David’s previous journalistic endeavors have been published on, UFO,,  and  He can be reached at

10 thoughts on “Dementia can be reversed naturally

  1. Final breakthrough for all suffering from Parkinson’s disease…My father is 73 and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about 2 years ago. He deals with a lot of anxiety, so much so that he doesn’t want to go out, doesn’t want to be with people. My brother has to beg him to be with family. I feel that natural supplements are so important, but he depends only on the drug levodopa, his meds for the a-fib, and anti depression medicine. Last three months my brother working in India purchased PD herbal remedy from Best Health Herbal Centre. My father only used the PD herbal remedy for 6 weeks without levodopa and all his symptoms was completely reversed. My father is now happily living Parkinson’s diseases free now ….I recommend this Parkinson’s herbal remedy for all Parkinson’s Patients.


  2. Hello,

    Entering into “Dementia can be reversed naturally” information sounds of great interest. The described data is both somewhat not current (in your info that may include older and newer data). I am seeking available data as I recently completed Radiation Oncology over last 4 months that was successful.

    Now seeking input and info for Dementia correction that can or may be reversed naturally. Your data/coverage is interesting and positive. Lots of discussion from the “world” found that lacks clarity and understanding impacting so many inputs and from different nations, different specialists, and claims of potential success relating to Dementia.

    Please contact me by Email at so we can communicate. Your input, “Dementia can be reversed naturally” is of interest.

    Thank you for advising people seeking your input. Too many organizations and people are not providing clear input.


  3. Dearest Kate,
    Sceptic or not, it seems to me ‘Big Pharma’ has a lot to answer for. Yet again, doesn’t this highlight the simple fact, ‘We are what we eat.’ To quote just a few truisms we seem to have lost sight of: ‘Garbage in, Garbage out,’ ‘ Eat out of a box, go out in a box.’ The stark reality is the more processed food we eat the greater the epidemics of so-called modern diseases. Our bodies were not designed to cope with the gross amounts of internal and external ‘Chemical Muck’ we subject them to on a daily basis. It really irritates me to think of the millions which have and are being spent on searches for ‘The Magic Cures’ when the simple, non-patentable solution was identified by Hippocrates more than 2,000 years ago.
    Love and hugs my friend.


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