Sunday humour…


I love this picture, and the name of the food stall… these boys are hardly fat!! We’re in Adelaide airport waiting for our flight to Kuala Lumpur where we have two whole days to enjoy the sights. Mostly though, I’m really looking forward to the food!! In fact I’ve been drooling ever since we booked our flights as I love  traditional Malaysian food.

After KL, we head to Taipei for the Alzheimer’s Disease International conference. I’m presenting about the unique challenges of younger onset dementia and dementia and driving, and also have a poster presentation about dementia and study. My main reason for going this year is to honour the work of Richard Taylor as he is not long home from his oesophageal throat cancer surgery and obviously cannot attend.

But onto the funny story… the cab driver this morning was full of enthusiasm for life, a rather unusual thing these days, and he told us about one client who had to go back home mid way to the airport. He’d forgotten his wife!!! He was travelling to Bali, and his wife was travelling to Buderim in Queensland, their bags were in the boot, her mobile phone inside her bag and no home phone, and he’d jumped into the cab and set off. without her! I suspect he’s still paying the price for this oversight!!!

2 thoughts on “Sunday humour…

  1. Have a great time 🙂 Hope your presentations go well and most importantly you have to be happy no matter what ….. it’s great that you took up the challenge to do something like this. OK?


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