Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Twin TowersWe’re in Kuala Lumpur, rested and enjoying two days of recreation and inspiration. It is a busy city, and the Petronas twin towers eerily remind me of the twin towers at The World Trade Centre, but more beautiful. The Petronas Towers in KL were the tallest in the world from 1998 to 2004, and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai has been the tallest in the world since 2010.

It’s a very short blog today as recreation is higher on my agenda, but on another note, I must say I am slightly bemused there was not one comment about the story of the chap who said to his cab driver, ‘I forgot my wife!’, and they then had to go home to collect her. Apparently, he didn’t even have dementia…


9 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur

  1. Lucky you….Breathe in the sacredness of that location…They are filled with compassion…Have a wonderful trip….Blessings….VK


  2. Hi Kate. We didn’t know that you are in KL ~ Faizal’s home town ! We are actually leaving KL today on the way to conference in Belfast, but sincerely hope that you enjoy the rest of your stay. David and Faizal


    • How much fun would it have been to see you here!! We met another couple from Adelaide today on a bus, both working in aged and dementia care who know many of my colleagues. Such a small world. Safe travels and enjoy the conference in Belfast. X


  3. Hi, glad you are having a great holiday, I think your story (from my point of view) isn’t funny and sadly I think we all know some one who would have done, this. I drove my folks to the airport one day to get there and neither of my parents took responsibilty for the fact they left my fathers suitcase at home. I then had to drive back and get it back to them before they left, it was really stressful (for me) just saying


    • sorry it was stressful for you… the couple the story was about did not have dementia, and it was just a case of the husband taking off in the taxi (her bags in the boot), forgetting she was also travelling. I think he might be still be getting an earbashing about it.


  4. hello,i was going to ask if the man had dimentia, but thought one of the other bloggers would to, obviously we all thought the same,lol, he must have been so excited to get away and completely forgot the wife. haha….. so glad you are having some down time, so get out now and enjoy the day ahead??? will wait till tomorrow for another blog from you, those towers look amazing for sure. to the moon and back xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  5. hello dear ones, funny you mentioned the taxi driver blog as i was going to ask if he did have dimentia, but thought one of the other bloggers would, but we all must have thought the same if not one of us replied, hahah, glad you are having some down town, so get out now and enjoy, we will wait till tomorrow for the next installment.lol have fun, to the moon and back, xxxxxxxxxxx


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