KL to Taipei

We’ve travelled all day from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei. The flight was just over 4 hours, but we were up at 5am as the traffic to the airport was already frantic by 6.30am! Then waiting around until departure at 9.30. There are 3 million cars owned in KL, and around 1-1.5 million drive into the city every day, so we were glad we listened to the concierge to leave the hotel so early.  Arriving in Taipei was a rough ride due to wind, and then the traffic from the airport was absolutely NUTS! The taxi driver, who seemed lovely but spoke no English at all, almost killed us a couple of times!

It is such a small world, two friends Faizel and David happened to be in KL at the same time as us, flying out last night. It would have been wonderful to catch up with them there! And then on a bus trip yesterday, there was another couple from Adelaide, and low and behold, they both work in aged care, and know many of my friends and colleagues. I know I will meet ‘old’ friends at the conference which starts tomorrow, as well as make a lot of new ones.  However we’ve both decided maybe next year we’ll do something like walk the Camino Trail instead.  If I can every get my feet to wear walking shoes again, it’s on!

Here is an image from our travels yesterday. The Selangor Pewter factory was brilliant, and gave me great respect for their workmanship. The beer mug holds over 3500 litres!

Pete with his pewter mug of beer!!

Pete with his pewter mug of beer!!

2 thoughts on “KL to Taipei

  1. hi Kate
    great news from KL and I am sure Taipai will be exciting and fun.
    Make sure you get some shopping time in as all good girls should


  2. wooweeeee, thats a huge amount far to much for pete, he needs to share, haha, sounds like you are both having a blast, with all the traffic etc, so glad you arriving safely at your destinations tho. yes you will meet many more life long people to befreind. take care to the moon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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