Saturday poem



Wafting along corridors

Into the recesses of our mind

Awakening the soul

Memories stirred

Thoughts of yesterdays

And long lost loves

Visions rekindled

Childhoods and playgrounds

Tucked inside school yards

Teachers and yard duty

Old boyfriends and love letters

Tattooed with red lipstick kisses

Whispering to heart heartstrings

Rekindling moments lost in time

Healing all wounds

7 thoughts on “Saturday poem

  1. There are no rules to poetry in the new world Kate….Just let it flow! Do and say whatever your heart says, in whatever format you choose. It is what it is. Great poem by the way. Keep at it 🙂 Happy weekending! Love and hugs….VK

  2. Hello Kate,
    If you are working in Word then open ‘Home’
    select ‘No spacing’ from the style boxes top right of the page
    type one line then ‘Enter’
    type line two then ‘Enter’
    type line three then ‘Enter’ twice.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Authors note: I cannot manage my setup at the moment – my poems should be in stanzas (this week every third line with a space), but it refuses to comply!!! Any assistance gratefully accepted!! grrrrr

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