Wishes Fulfilled With Dr Wayne Dyer

I have been trying to follow Wayne Dyer’s philosophy for living since my mid 20’s, and it enabled me to transform my thinking and the more negative behaviours in my life. He has been a guru of sorts, and I am very grateful to a friend Carol for leading me to this speech on YouTube. It was a very timely reminder to be more positive again! Please take the time to listen to and watch Wayne speak… it might just give you the impetus to change your own life.

Wishes Fulfilled With Dr Wayne Dyer

6 thoughts on “Wishes Fulfilled With Dr Wayne Dyer

  1. Dyer has been a favorite of mine forever…Since his first book came out ‘Your erroneous zones’…His energy is so captivating and full of hope. Glad you are connected to him as well. I often pull him out when I am struggling with something and he always shows me the way…Thanks for sharing Kate. Have a great week and be in peace….Love and hugs…VK


  2. thank you just what I need today, am struggling living in country town & closing my business, time to give myself the ‘toughen up princess” speech (after I have finished my assignment


    • So glad it helped you today. When it popped into my Inbox last night, it was a timely reminder for me too. As always, the Universe supports us, if only we are willing to stop and listen, and then receive… Take care xo


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