Go for peace and joy…

dalai lamaI’m lucky enough to be going to see and listen to His Holiness the Dalai Lama this afternoon…

The message with the image opposite is often a very challenging thing to do, as  it really is easier to blame something or someone else for your troubles. However, in my experience, the best peace comes from doing exactly this.

When something goes wrong, the first place I try to look is in the mirror. When my children were younger and misbehaving or having troubles, Wayne Dyer taught me the first place to look was in the mirror. Their behaviour was usually a reflection of something we were doing, or not doing! Many times, it was a resounding OUCH!!

I’ve been trying to refocus my mind on being more positive, and on my twitter I’m up to Day 4 of being happier or more peaceful, less sad and bereaved. It is slowly working, and the best tip I have learnt in years was from a program on SBS the other night, ‘Pain and pleasure’.

The presenter was interviewing people in Edinburgh, supposedly the city where people are the unhappiest in Britain. He asked them how they felt, and most were less than enthusiastic. He then took a pencil and asked each person to hold it between their teeth. Within moments, they were smiling, and then laughing.

This trick forces the muscles we use to smile into action, and quite quickly, we feel more cheerful. And as it is Friday, I wish you a wonderful weekend. And if you’re feeling miserable… go and find a pencil!

14 thoughts on “Go for peace and joy…

  1. Thanks for passing that on Kate. Like many things, it is a teaching both simple and complex. But I have to say, while it takes strength to be so sanguine, I must agree with this learned man. Keep well.

  2. Hi Kate

    I disagree with what the Dalai Lama has said …… and if people try to believe it then it iwill somehow hit them back in the face at a later date.

    eg. say you’re sitting at a bus stop and a huge bus or truck comes around the corner and over the footpath, killing or injuring the people at the bus stop. Imagine if you ended up a paraplegic or quadraplegic with huge post traumatic stress flashbacks stopping you sleeping etc.

    It’s definately NOT the fault of the people at the busstop. Just because someone with his “standing” says it, it doesn’t mean it’s true.

    What IS important and what DOES influence how the person adapts to their situation is their OWN reaction. They can’t change the fact that they had the accident but what they can do is try to help themselves adapt and try to live as well as they can in that situation. No ‘false’ happiness as this doesn’t work. Studies have shown it.

    Know what I mean Kate? (I’ll probably forget to come back and read any reply from you so don’t go post any reply here …… because I probably won’t read it ……..)

    • It is always a challenging concept… the only thing I have any control over is my attitude, but this week, I have found the pencil has worked more than anything else!!

  3. Oh lucky you….Have a wonderful experience meeting his Holiness…His energy will fill the room and seep into everyone in there I’m sure. Take it all in and enjoy! So glad to hear you are brightening up a bit and feeling better. I’ve got my pencil close by just in case. Thanks my friend. Happy weekending! Much love….VK

  4. Dearest Kate…….I hope that you can achieve some of your desires by visiting and listening to the Dalai Lama……..most people are happy in his company………..Yes, it is me, Tony Hogben once again…
    ..I manage to get through occasionally…….hope you are having a good day/night……Bye for now……Tony Hogben.

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