Saturday poem: Life

life 3



It begins with a sexually transmitted act

And, it is a terminal disease

Some days it gets in your way

Ebbing and flowing its own direction

Sparing little regard to what you had planned

It wanders along a winding road

Allowing you to hold the rudder

If only you will

Begging you too steer the ship

And make you own way

It is full of mystery and intrigue

Baring its soul… baring your soul

Pushing you along on the days you need to rest

Taking the back seat

When you grab hold of it again

It taunts you and teases you

Wants you to believe in yourself

To reach for the stars

And find fulfilment and satisfaction

To love more every day

Life’s too short to worry

It might be too long not to plan

It’s begging you not to wait

But to grab it by the throat

And live it to the full

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