A journey of grief and loss


Seeing you lying there

Through a tiny window

Covered in a pure white shroud

Wishing, hoping, praying

That it was not really you.

Wanting to be close

To kiss your lips

To hold you in my arms

And feel your warmth again

Why did you choose to die?

To scream, to yell, to cry

Was all I could do

I touched you

Cold, alone and dead

And my heart turned to stone.

Losing love?

Shock, horror…

The pain is starting to disappear

Does this mean

I did not really love you?

It must be wrong

I must get back to guilt

Anguish, grief and sorrow

Or has it been a lie?

Surely to return to life

In a joyous and happy way

Rather than choose guilt and pain

Means I did not love you?

Sometimes the memory fades

More guilt, more questions

Still no understanding

A sojourn of mourning forever?

My head says no…

But still my heart declares

The grief must continue

Or my love will have been a lie.

Moving On

At last, great peace and serenity

Seem mine to keep

I have let go

Of the pain of losing you

You chose death

And I thought

My soul had died

But I was wrong

I can go on

I will love once more

And the sun

Will rise again.

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