Tuesday humour and a dementia confession

nervousJust lately I’ve been having trouble finding my sense of humour… Mr Google helps me as in an effort to find ‘it’ I usually do a cartoon search. I love this one today!

The other thing I’ve had trouble with is the ability to sift through my thoughts or find my words, which has greatly affected my ability to blog. I’ve been missing in action a little, and on Sunday, I completely missed posting a blog. In fact, I did not even remember it until late in the day, and then was not able to find the words to even consider completing a draft.

And then after considering it for a few moments, I simply forgot about it again! I guess this means I might not be posting a daily blog any more, but I will keep working on it as best I can. I’ve posted over 702 in 697 days since I started on this daily blogging gig, only missing 3 days, and last year also posted a kitchen chat and recipe for 366 days. I’ve had to look these facts up to remind myself missing one day does not mean I’ve failed! 😉

I know the effort of blogging is good for me, and it is part of my program of non pharmacological and positive psychosocial interventions for dementia. It also means my DH will get out the poking stick to motivate (prod!) me into action. This bog today feels like a dementia confession, but I suspect there are a few who read it who can seen through me, who realise why I have been adding posts like re-blogs more often lately. Although the motivation is still high, the paddling is getting harder.

Thanks to dementia, and getting older, I am rarely ever nervous anymore!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday humour and a dementia confession

  1. Kate – the only thing you can ask yourself is to do your best each day. The rest is gravy. Good for you for still finding humour in your life. What a wonderful medicine. Be well… MB


  2. Glad there is at least one plus to the Dementia 🙂 I sure hope you are trying that stuff to reverse it Kate! Have a happy….Love and hugs…VK


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