Tributes to my sons

Today I thought I’d head into the weekend by adding a poetic tribute to each of my two sons, one my biological son and the other who is technically my stepson, but I love them both with every ounce of my being, and feel like I have had two sons since our two single parent families first blended! It is never enough to hope your children know you love them, and I like to tell them this ever time we are together. Even as teenagers, they never shrugged me off!! The picture below was taken almost two years ago at Charles’ 21st family birthday dinner, which is why we might look a little worse for wear…



My son is born

A new day begins

In love with his tiny face

His perfect soul

No poem

No music

No words

Will ever describe

The loveliness of this child

My beautiful son Charles


Enticing charm and wit

His beautiful smile awakens

The inside of my heart

9 thoughts on “Tributes to my sons

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  2. What lovely sons! And they look like brothers, even if biologically they aren’t. And you look wonderful, Kate. What a fantastic family event that must have been. I do hope we can meet in France next year.


  3. Beautiful to think about Kate. A great way to spend your time exploring such fond memories. Have a wonderful weekend and be well friend. sending love and hugs..VK


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