Saturday poem: Loss



Tragedy so great

Illuminating you with sadness

Seems impossible to recover

Lack of lustre lasting forever

Acceptance and healing

A lifetime away

To hear a song or smell a scent

That throws you right back

Into the pit of grief

One step forward

Many steps backwards

From the intensity of sorrow

Meaninglessness, emptiness

Impaired judgments

Damaged relationships

Memories stained with pain

Walls crumbling inside your heart

The journey of loss is long

11 thoughts on “Saturday poem: Loss

  1. Reading this poem is like looking into my mirror. I knew grief was not going to be easy but I had no idea it would be this hard. Thank you xx


    • As long as those of us who have been through it hold onto each other with love and healing, we get through it. We need our other friends and family too, but unless they have experienced it, it is really hard for them to understand. This is what gives grief support groups so much power. xo


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