Dreaming vs working

i-never-dreamed-about-success-i-worked-for-it-estee-lauder-quoteI’ve purchased Estee Lauder products occasionally, but have only recently come across this brilliant saying… Thanks to Gen Y Girl for bringing it to my attention, and for her terrific blog.

It seems my dreaming is to be the focus of my morning as my laptop, where the bulk of my work is sitting, is trying to repair itself!

At least I’m lucky to have previously written most of this blog (worked), and I can publish it on my iPad without too much effort! This means I can happily dream on…

I love spending time dreaming, but am a doer, and so usually find a few moments of dreaming sends me into a wonderful note taking spin, leading to activity.

One thing I’d love to be able to understand is why some people think dreaming is what will also do the work for achievement… It seems to me that work almost comes first, as once you start an activity, it takes you on journeys wonderful and  unexpected. Of course, we have to dream or have an idea, but work is what gets us there. Dreaming has to be followed by activity (work) for us to see any  of our dreams come true… For me, that is a given.

7 thoughts on “Dreaming vs working

  1. ……. and if you love what you do, then it’s not work at all.

    (an extension of the quote …..)

    Some are very lucky to love what they do. 🙂


  2. We will get nothing accomplished without work and our careful intention to get things done. Dreaming should be for entertainment after our work is done. Keep doing Kate! Blessings….VK xxoo


    • I like your term, ‘careful attention’, makes work sound so much more enjoyable. Not that I ever found work a challenge, not even the jobs that I don’t like doing. And I always feel good after achievement… who wouldn’t?? Take cake my friend… Love and hugs


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