The hare and the tortoise


There are days I want to be the hare, in fact feel like the hare, racing as fast as I can… but these days, I am the tortoise, slow and focused, but not always so sure I’ll get there. Just occasionally, I feel exactly like the chap in the image!!

However, on the second day of another advocating/working trip to Canberra, I feel like things are moving and changing for the better for people with dementia and their families, but especially for people with dementia. We are starting to be given a voice now, in a less forced way, and with enormous good will. It was terrific to feel the change in the mood due to the presence of a PWD at a government meeting yesterday

The new group, Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Advisory Group has its first meeting in September, in the middle of Dementia Awareness Week, and I feel excited and proud to have initiated this group. I was ‘told’ a year ago it would  not be possible to find people with dementia to set it up, but I felt sure about of 320,000 we would find enough! With 80,000 new diagnosis predicted per year, I don’t think well have trouble finding new members either…

Having a diagnosis of dementia has slowed me down in ways that have been beneficial, and even though I go around in circles of vagueness often, the trait I had of being organised and maybe even a bit of a perfectionist has come in handy! The habit of tidiness has not remained in my office, but with help, the rest of the house looks good. But the value of advocating is starting to be realised, and although the finish line keeps moving, it seems we will get there.

6 thoughts on “The hare and the tortoise

  1. Wow Kate ……. I didn’t know that the Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Advisory Group was created out of YOUR idea!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! (I’m SHOUTING it!!) That’s fantastic …… you continue to amaze me with everything you do ….. go girl!!! 🙂


  2. We’ll have many more cases of D and ALZ if they don’t stop spraying the planet with aluminum!!!! The rates are skyrocketing and it is all so reprehensible to think it is partly because of man made pollutants being forced on us. Hang in there Kate. I hope you have considered the zeolite to remove the heavy metals from your body!The more that builds up in you the worse things get. I am so glad you were able to get this group motivated and moving! You have been a tremendous help to those suffering! Bravo! Blessings….VK xxoo


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