Be happy, everything is perfect :-)

Be-HappyThere is always more… be happy with what you have.

As a writer, I always almost always look at my work and wonder if one more edit will make it better. Most artists probably do the same; will one more stroke make it perfect? The only time I never wonder if it could be better is when I cook something that tastes amazing!!! And then, often, I can’t remember how I made it, which is not due to dementia, but to the fact I still prefer to try to cook savoury dishes without recipes, simply going by how it tastes. Obviously you need some background in food to know what works with what, but for me taste is the biggest determination of food perfection, not what it looks like.

Be happy… with whatever you have or wherever you are in your life. Everything is perfect and exactly as it is meant to be right now. This moment, right now, is your life.  🙂

7 thoughts on “Be happy, everything is perfect :-)

  1. I have been reading and sharing you … As if you speak for me, which you do! I am 55, I think, lol and was diagnosed with cognitive dementia two years ago. It has been quite the journey, not one I would chose, but accept it is the one I am on.

    Thank you for being the voice for all of us….

    I remain blessed and grateful


  2. I agree with you Kate … You’re not talking about absolute perfection or the ideal, it’s just about acceptance and peace about where you find yourself in any given moment. If you don’t like where you are; change it or the way you look at it. Not as easy as it sounds but not finding some peace in your life is pretty hard work too. You can’t appreciate happiness if you don’t experience any sadness … the ebb and flow of life is normal but the test of inner strength is rising above what life has dealt you to find some joy in it all whether it be considered to be good or bad. As my father in law says … any day above ground is a good one! Amen to that!!


  3. Kate – sorry but this time I don’t agree with you. Your last paragraph will make many people feel less of themselves if they can’t think like you’ve said. If they’re NOT happy, and if they think that not everything is perfect. After all, dementia SUX.

    Psychologists are now promoting the idea that it’s not normal to be happy all of the time or happy in times of stress or upheaval. As long as you don’t go the opposite way and fall into depression, then it’s OK to mourn your losses sometimes, even cyclically, as long as you’re able to pick yourself back up. It’s OK to hate that you have all these problems, but just accept it and work around your shortcomings. But if you’re sad sometimes, it’s normal and you shouldn’t try to fake happiness because you’re not dealling with the unhappiness and it might come back to “bite you”.

    Know what I mean?

    I know about the “happiness movement” because I did research on it years ago ………


    • I actually agree – and disagree – with you… being happy or ok about what is, rather than ‘happy’ is really what I mean. Even the miserable times are perfect… if you know what I mean? xx


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