Farewell my friend…

Last week, half of my dear friend Michael’s ashes were placed amongst his Australian family at Centennial Park in Adelaide, and I was privileged to be there for this final farewell… with Bagpipes lifting our hearts as we farewelled him. Life is different without him for the world of the living, and we are most definitely worse off for his passing, but so much better of for having known and loved him.

How do you say goodbye to someone you love, without it stealing a part of you, and yet, the love left behind leaves something very good within you, for you to hold onto when you feel sad for your loss. Is it a better place to go… who knows until we get there?! It seems I have farewelled him three times now, and I’m certain this was the last time. We all miss his delightful spirit and wit, and the unconditional love and friendship he always gave us.

Farewell my friend…

9 thoughts on “Farewell my friend…

  1. I’m so sorry Kate that your friend has passed away. I’m sure that he really appreciated having YOU as a friend too …… {big hug}


  2. Glad you were there for the send off. He knew you were there as he was with you at your side. It truly is wonderful knowing we never die as we have been told for so long. You shall meet up again in a new life. What fun that will be 🙂 Sending hugs and love….VK


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