Living With Dementia: Personal Perspective Part 1

The University of Tasmania’s first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Understanding Dementia, is an 11-week online course that builds upon the latest in international research on dementia. It’s free and anyone can register. I have included some of the material directly from their website to remind you or advise you of this course. I believe this year, over 6000 people have participated, and the drop out rate has been exceptionally low.

I have contributed by being interviewed by Professor Andrew Robinson, and giving a personal perspective of what it is like living with a diagnosis of dementia.  This is the video clip of my Personal Perspective: Part 1.

The curriculum draws upon the expertise of neuroscientists, clinicians and dementia care professionals in the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre.

The course is now available, although registrations have closed for 2013. You can express interest in the next offering of Understanding Dementia, scheduled for March 2014.

The Understanding Dementia MOOC is delivered on the Desire2Learn platform. It is designed to be accessible and appealing to people from diverse backgrounds including:

  • Health professionals
  • Community and residential facility support staff
  • Health policymakers
  • Social scientists
  • People in the early stages of the disease, their families and carers
  • Individuals with a general interest in dementia

Understanding Dementia addresses the foremost issues surrounding dementia, providing avenues for discussion and rich global networking opportunities to engage with this major international health issue. The course imparts knowledge to improve quality of life across the trajectory of dementia for people with the condition, their families and their carers.

Understanding Dementia provides an opportunity to engage with the perspectives of an international community, without requiring exams or assignments.

6 thoughts on “Living With Dementia: Personal Perspective Part 1

  1. Kate, I “met” you through your MOOC interview and found your story such an inspiration. I now look forward to receiving more of your wisdom through your blog. As a carer for a loved one with LBD, I find the insights gained through your writing and the MOOC have helped me understand this insidious disease and are empowering me to better manage the journey we face. Thank you.


    • Hi Penny, Thank you for your kind words, and for joining the conversation here. I’m sorry to hear your loved one has LBD, my father in law had it too, and it is not a lot of fun that’s for sure, but with compassion and acceptance and LOVE, the journey wasn’t quite as dreadful as we had anticipated… Having an understanding from his side of the fence certainly helped us, so I’m glad it is helping you too. Take care.


  2. Hi Kate, thanks for sharing our course again as part of your Blog. We really appreciate your involvement and have received overwhelming feedback from people who describe how your insights into living with a diagnosis of dementia has reshaped their perspectives on dementia. Your role as an advocate and your ability to communicate difficult truths on behalf of so many who can’t is truly inspiring. Best wishes, Carolyn.


    • Thanks for the terrific feedback Carolyn, and always happy to give the course a plug! I have had great feedback about it here too, so if you need any to add to your own evaluation, let me know. Cheers…


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