Advocacy and social media in action

IMAG0160A week or so ago, there was an article in the local newspaper about my local council rejecting an application by The Big Issue (TBI) to allow vendors to sell the magazine in our area, and in particular near the Burnside Shopping Centre. By the end of the day in which I had heard about it, I too invested myself in social media had simply swarmed our council, causing even an adjoining council Mayor to speak up against the decision on local radio, and ultimately for the Council to do a backflip. The loud and incessant buzz by many resulted in press about the issue in state and national print media, something the organisation had been trying to get for years!!

Now we await the next steps, which are slowly taking shape. TBI applies for a pitch site including times and days, and then we get to see if the Burnside Council will walk the talk. As a local resident, I feel thrilled to have been part of the buzz, and these last few years have most definitely seen  an ever developing sense of social justice amongst the wider community.

It is fabulous to see social media winning, and being used for positive change, and also to see more people joining in advocacy because of it. An online petition, or a social media campaign is definitely easier, cheaper and less time consuming than a physical campaign, and often much more effective.

6 thoughts on “Advocacy and social media in action

  1. I’m glad it was successful – I know how much The Big Issue means to you.

    Can I ask something – what kind of social media was “swarmed”? Was it the council’s Facebook page? Can you put the URL of the page so I can see just how many people were involved? I’m interested in this type of thing.

    Another question – how did word get out and how did they know to go to the FB page? Were people emailing others telling them to go to the page etc?

    Can you send me a private email Kate with some info on how people got to find out about it and where they went to “vent” etc?

    Thanks Kate 🙂


  2. Go Kate, well written. Yes, let’s see if the council do follow through. The Big Issue at Burnside Shopping Centre- can’t wait


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