Alone in a crowd









Caught behind the apostles of life

strapped in by a sea of moving limbs

and throbbing hearts

Clambering for pole position

each and every one of them

yearning for the ribbon

The ribbon of a good life

messages not heard

samples of life passing by

Fanciful wondrous dreaming

of yesterdays long gone

and tomorrows still to come

But what of the now

still part of the mob

alone in a crowd

4 thoughts on “Alone in a crowd

  1. Wow….All penguins should have wooly coats like that to stay warm!!! Great poem Kate. Thanks for sharing. As for the now of being alone in the crowd, it is our mission to learn how to accept what station in life we are at, make the most of it and go with it in the flow, hard as that may be. Life has proven time and time again it surely is not easy!!! Have a fab weekend my friend. Blessings to you and love….VK


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