Action Barbie and the Energiser Bunny

Energizer_BunnyThe last few days we have had friends from Queensland staying with us. Valerie was a colleague of mine in the mid 2000’s and we have remained close friends. Another crazy nurse!! She is very driven, and has acquired the name of Energiser Bunny. Not so long ago, another friend referred to me as Action Barbie, and in the 1980’s, my operating theatre and anaesthetic department colleagues referred to me, not always with affection (!), as WonderWoman!

Having the Energiser Bunny and Action Barbie together again has almost been too much for our dear husbands. I have a few girlfriends like this (you know who you are!!), and when we get together our husbands lose a bit more of their ever thinning hair! It is wonderful to be connected with girlfriends, as women have a way of laughing, crying and sharing that is reasonably unique to the feminine species. Those of us who are very close share our most inner thoughts and hurts, and love each other unconditionally.

Action Barbie WonderwomanSo how does Action Barbie Wonderwoman differ from the Energiser Bunny? It has been an interesting exercise thinking about this. The Energiser Bunny never stops, she runs marathons, works nightmarish hours even though she has just turned 60, and has just passed a piano exam with Honours. She is disciplined with piano practice, healthy nutrition, and has an exercise routine that would put most personal trainers to shame. I think compassion, discipline, focus and respect sum this Energiser Bunny up quite well. Oh, and she’s a wonderful friend.

Action Barbie is more focused on perhaps rather naively trying to change the world, standing up for the more marginalised groups in society, those less well off. It often gets her in hot water, as trying to bring about social or policy change, or a change in practice is almost impossible. Getting others to see they need to change, without offending them, is the hardest gig of all, and sometimes Action Barbie forgets this and speaks up too soon or way too loudly.  Discipline, compassion, focus and respect also sum up Action Barbie quite well. Oh, and she’s a pretty good friend too.

8 thoughts on “Action Barbie and the Energiser Bunny

  1. Wow, Barbie or the “energiser bunny” sounds like a wonderful woman Kate and what a lady hey! Those friendships are wonderful! I am terrible at music(as well as art)but i have 3 close friends who have done the piano. One got up to grade 8 which is the highest grade you can get to on the piano and one is currently on grade 7 and i think the other one stopped but ill have to ask him. She sounds like an amazing friend and it is amazing she runs marathons at aged 60+-sounds very fit and active! You have summed up her perfectly Kate by the sounds of it. So lovely you are still in touch and good friends and so pleased she has supported you throughout your journey with dementia. My Grandad had a friend who is now passed away but was very talented with music-he played the piano too-my Grandad is not musical though like me-genes! She sounds a wonderful amabassador too! I love the photos-very classy!👍😊


    • OMG! I had forgotten about that blog, for sure! She is a good friend even though we dont see each other that often, due to her living in Queensland! She is stil the Energiser Bunny, but I have turned into the Tortoise! 🙂


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