Upcoming event in SA

IMG_0378Whose Shoes?® is coming to Australia and I am extremely excited as together we are running a series of workshops in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide… click here to register for one at the City of Salisbury.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (CST) Salisbury, SA

There is currently a global call for the transformation of health and social care services in order to meet various pressing problems. These vary from country to country but have many similarities, for example growing pressure on limited funds; the increasing prevalence of long term health conditions due to longevity and the growing numbers of people living with dementia.

There are calls for culture change such as dignity and respect for all, patient involvement and the co-production of services. To meet these needs health and social care is changing and like the UK, Australia has started to move more towards personalised services and collaboration.


Fresh from running a workshop at the 23rd Alzheimer Europe Conference in Malta, Gill Phillips creator of the award-winning Whose Shoes?® concept and tools; high profile social care blogger and founder of the #dementiachallengers hashtag visits Australia to hold a series of workshops with colleague, dementia and aged care advocate, speaker, author and poet, Kate Swaffer.

This two hour workshop (morning tea included) covers:

  • Dementia Care (UK/Australia),
  • Changing practice in health and social care,
  • Blogging dementia, tweeting dementia and #dementiachallengers; and
  • The Whose Shoes concept and toolkit and opportunities in Australia.

Who would benefit from attending?

Health and social care professionals and practitioners, Aged care providers, local government and state Government staff working in aged care; carers and anyone who sees themselves as a dementia challenger!

What is Whose Shoes®?

Whose Shoes?® is a discussion/facilitation/co-production tool helping people to work together for positive change through exploring different perspectives and building an understanding of holistic approaches to healthcare. People work collaboratively and as equals; not in silos. They share good practice, ideas, challenges and, where appropriate, use this knowledge to co-design practical solutions applicable to their locality or workplace.

The latest (electronic) version of Whose Shoes?® has been developed  in collaboration with Think Local, Act Personal (TLAP), a sector-led coalition in the UK, spanning 30 leading health and social care organisations. Receiving national acclaim in the UK; Gill is now keen to explore opportunities in Australia.

For more information contact Andrew Coulson on 08 8406 8222.

Ps. I will post details of the others when I have confirmation.

8 thoughts on “Upcoming event in SA

  1. Lovely to catch up by Skype tonight Kate (your morning!) Thanks for posting this on your blog – exciting times ahead. I am so looking forward to our Whose Shoes? mini tour – raising awareness, bringing about positive change … and spending time with you! Bring it on 🙂 Gill xox


  2. This sounds right up your alley Kate! I know you will be front and center. Glad to see such a swing towards change in the health field. It is so needed! Aside from just fixing healthcare though I think we all need to begin by reconnecting with our bodies and taking better care of them…Hope this lights that wonderful flame within you yet again….Be well and much love….VK


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