9 thoughts on “Tuesday humour… really!

  1. P.S. I heard your interview on radio this morning Kate, and sadly can relate to the stories you had to tell about the care in residential homes. Having worked as a Dementia & palliative care coordinator for over 10 years in the one facility, I have had many many experiences the same and similar those you recalled. I felt I did make a difference in a small way to the people in our care, but it always seemed too little and not sustainable. In the end I was made redundant because of funding costs. Now there is no one in that role. Nursing staff are far so busy, that even with the best will in the world, cannot stretch to add those things will ensure the needs of the individual are met. I hope the information given at the seminar this afternoon get a lot of publicity and help address this vital area.


    • Thanks Wendy, and I really wanted to say there are so many people wanting and trying to do the right thing, and there are many good experiences and stories to tell also, but as always, the media prefer to focus on the negative. Nurses, carers and doctors, in most cases, give care to the best of their ability, and time, and the missing link is probably a lack of real dementia education…


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