Risperdal lawsuit exposes ugly truths about elderly care

Thank you for bringing this one to our attention, and for your terrific Memories Project. Overuse of anti psychotics and other restraints is a hot topic globally, and companies like this must beheld accountable.

The Memories Project

This past week, Johnson & Johnson was fined over $2 billion for false marketing and providing kickbacks to doctors and medical care providers regarding the off-label use of the drug Risperdal. I’ve written before how much my father’s mental and physical health declined after being prescribed Risperdal in the nursing home. Omnicare, which supplied my father’s medications, also paid a major fine of $98 million.

I remember the indifferent attitude the doctor at the local hospital had when I questioned the use of Risperdal, which was already controversial even while my dad was still alive. The doctor just shrugged his shoulders and said they had to continue prescribing what the doctor from the nursing home had ordered. He asked me if I knew what it was for and I responded “to make patients like zombies so they’re easier for the nursing home staff to deal with” and the doctor agreed…

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3 thoughts on “Risperdal lawsuit exposes ugly truths about elderly care

  1. This is a terrible drug for what it does to the brain and the body, yet it also has a place where dementia is accompanied by other psychoses. I questioned questioned and questioned some more, yet each time the response related to intolerable violence. I pick through all these blogs to see if there could have been another way, yet nobody has come up with an answer, that may have altered our situation.


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