One crazy dream…

running manI have had this crazy dream brewing ever since my girlfriend from Queensland stayed with me. She is a marathon runner, and has been running all over Australia and the world, and wants one day to run across the Simpson Desert. Ever since watching the video clip below, I cannot get it out of my brain, and have started wondering if it could be a major fundraising event, not for research, but for improved services for people with dementia… Anyway, watch the video clip, and let me  know if you think it is a good idea.

Being healthy and having the fitness to actually do it is not so much the rationale behind it, but the national attention something like this might receive would help the Fight Dementia campaign., and significantly raise awareness. How cool would it be to have a team of people with dementia, running across the Simpson Desert, to raise money to improve the lives of over 321,ooo people in living in Australia with a diagnosis of dementia???

The fact some days I can barely walk let alone run may restrict me, but it is always fun to dream!!!

Ps. I can’t work out how to download the Vimeo file, but here is the link; to the Simpson Desert run. It will bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart.

5 thoughts on “One crazy dream…

  1. You are right, that is one crazy dream ……but hey, who said crazy dreams can’t come true! I presume you are not planning on running right across the desert in one go. As a non- runner myself, I think something attention getting without the physical stuff would be a better option. Something that you can do and enjoy doing. Your strength and passion seems to me to be in the area of communication and words (and probably heaps more that I don’t know about). Is there another version of ‘desert running’ that excludes actually running? I’m sort of joking – if you really want to live that dream, start training and go for it. I have just booked with Alz. Assoc.Vic to attend the presentation you are giving on 5th of December. Do hope we get a chance to meet face to face.


  2. Sounds like a great idea Kate…You don’t have to run, just give your efforts to setting it up. It could be a great way for attention on Dementia and it would be interesting for folks to be a part of. Go for it!!! VK xxoo


  3. Kate – while it looks impressive I don’t think it would be a good way to get the word across. Things like

    – the number of people that see the TV footage wouldn’t be that many – at that time of the morning people are rushing around … the only people who see it are those staying at home and not running around after kids etc.
    – it’s a lot of hard work for not much gain, compared to other potential things
    – Today Tonight and ACA etc get almost 1 million people around Australia watching their shows each night. Then there’s Sunday Night and 60 minutes too. It would be preferable to get coverage on these shows as more people would see it. An example of TV ratings is on this page

    Know what I mean?


  4. What a great idea Kate.
    Would be a fantastic way to bring attention to dementia awareness and could create some much needed funding.
    Ticks the box for me. 🙂
    Although I couldn’t put my hand up to run…lol….
    Some days my parkinson symptoms make it hard to walk to the letterbox.


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