To all the unsung heroes

Life is one wonderful crazy, sometimes painful train ride, and along the way we meet lots of unsung heroes, the people I think who are the real heroes, not the celebrities or some of our sporting heroes.  I had the pleasure of having coffee with Kevin Harvey today, having reconnected with him recently at Buddha House, and he has been a hero of mine since we first met. Thank you Kevin.  Wayne Dwyer is another hero of mine, whom I have also had the good fortune to meet. My husband is not just my hero, but the love of my life and best friend. Thank you my darling.

There are many unsung heroes out there, and especially so are all of the carers (family and professional) of the people living with a diagnosis of dementia, along with everyone I have ever met living with a diagnosis of dementia. It is one shitty, tough to deal with disease, full of shame, stigma, discrimination and isolation, and yet it is full of many gifts, and joy, and of deepened love and relationships with those that continue to hang out with you. You get to meet lots of new friends you meet along the way too. My close friends are my heroes too… thank you, I love you all.

A hero

15 thoughts on “To all the unsung heroes

  1. You are definitely a hero fitting the description above. How do you manage to remain so positive and fight back against all the odds? With the great friends of yours who follow your blog, and those people in your life, I am proud to know you even from the other side of the world. 🙂 xx


    • I’m proud to know you too Jenny, and your family… and your dear brother Michael was most definitely on of my heroes, he was my Nelson Mandela of compassion and humanity. I’ve been sending loads of love and healing as you have faced the last few weeks too xxx


    • And you are one of mine my dear friend… facing your latest life crisis with such amazing respect and acceptance for what the universe has dished out to you, quite incredible… love you to bits xxxx


  2. Great thoughts Kate….Those special people who enter our lives and make it such an extraordinary journey are so wonderful to hold dear. May we all be blessed with a few heros to light the way. Have a great weekend my friend. Love to you….VK


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