Mrs Phillips and Mr Blair

Gill and Koala Blair

She entered the shores of Australia

In search of our cuddliest

Koala, Blair

Gum leaves galore

But so much more

And nothing like

The other Mr Blair!

We teamed up

So much within our reach

Creating opportunities

For learning and transformation

In between hysterical laughing

And Master classes galore

Gumby and Pokey slightly bored

The Woodentops making up for it all

Definitely no longer imaginary friends

No axe murderers in sight

A Saffy here an Andrew C there

And a lot of warm loving fuzz

5 thoughts on “Mrs Phillips and Mr Blair

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  2. Wow, Kate. Just seen this! What a wonderfully warm, loving summary of our time together! I will never forget the way we managed to combine really hard work with so much fun and laughter, which did us both good! Hoping our joint efforts really make a difference – exciting times ahead in 2014. Meanwhile, huge thanks to you and Pete for your friendship and hospitality and hoping you find some time to relax now 🙂 Gill xoxox


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