BusyThe last two weeks touring three states with the Whose Shoes? communication tool created by my friend Gill Phillips of Nutshell Communications saw us much too busy most of the time to do more than sleep, and then not for long enough. Along the way, in part due to two very quirky senses of humour together in one room, and in part due to hysterical tiredness, we would fall about laughing, often at very little. It was our way of relaxing without taking a bucket and spade and going to the beach.

One day the home phone rang when we were working in my home, and after I ignored it, we started talking about being too busy. It took me years to Master this, but I can now easily let the phones ring out and ignore messages. I also eventually taught myself to say no to requests from others to do things. Often they seemed very important things, but sometimes it is more important to acknowledge you are too busy, and politely say No. And mean it. It also means tuning out from Social Media, yes, you too Mrs Phillips!!

Sometimes you might have ‘time’, but that time is needed to relax or spend time with your husband or kids, or friends. Maybe you need time to read, or think, or plan for things in your own life, work or home. Work is not as important as we get tricked into thinking it is. I live in a non-betting family (long story for a Tuesday) but would almost bet no-one on their death-bed wishes they spent more time at work! Everyone I have ever spent time with dying wishes they spent more time with their loved ones, and more time relaxing and exploring ‘their’ world, whatever that means to each individual.

So I implore you to find time to relax, for yourselves and your loved ones, and to be kind to yourself and to everyone you meet; you never know what type of battle they might be facing. In perfect harmony as always, here is a beautiful quote for us all today;

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”

Sydney J. Harris

18 thoughts on “Relax…

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  5. Brilliant and lovely blog, Kate. Luckily I wasn’t too busy to read it… Only kidding 😉 You sum up our time together so wonderfully and it made me laugh out loud when I opened your blog to see our two baskets. Gumby and Pokey soon, methinks.

    Very honoured to work and tour and spend such lovely times with you and your family – now we are both recovering! Here’s to many more good times and never being “too busy” for the people and things that matter most to each of us. Mr #WhoseShoes approves! BIG #koalahugs! xox


    • The Too busy and No baskets are working well here, perhaps even getting in the way of the time required to write about Gumby and Pokey!!!At least Pokey hasn’t gone to sleep with boredom again 😉


  6. For a busy person, relaxing is not all that easy. As a recently retired person I find that when I do make time to relax, I feel guilty. I have come to the conclusion that relaxation takes practice and lots of self- talk.


    • I forgot to mention the guilt… my dear husband and I still talk about it, still feel it, almost every time we relax, but it is worth talking about and we have gradually learnt not to feel guilty so much or as often! We think it is a generational thing, and must come from having to work so hard in our youth.


  7. What a lovely post today Kate. Shame that many people will never get to experience any “relax” time because of different things in their lives. Some within their control and some out of their control.


    • I’d love to inspire the practice of Transcendental Meditation to those who find it impossible to relax, as it helps enormously… it is something I’ve been doing since 1979, and whenever I get a bit slack and don’t do it every day, I pay the price in fatigue, and also my ability to relax… hope you get some ‘relax’ time. Love and hugs xox


    • Yes VK, it has happened for me also, a day here and there when I don’t post a blog, and some days now, I even forget to read or respond to comments from my wonderful friends.. Love and hugs to you… xox


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